In this artworks, I use stones to visualize my idea of a more tolerant Scotland. Many stones found in Scotland came from what is now Norway and Sweden. They were brought here by a glacier during the ice ages. As the climate changed, the glacier melted, and the immigrant stones settled on Scottish soil. In my compositions, it is hard to see which stones are native and which are not; often they help one another maintain their balance. 

Environmental migrants


Currently, four times as many migrants are displaced due to environmental reasons as due to armed conflicts and violence, and their numbers are bound to grow. Estimates suggest that by 2070 20% of the landmass -- much of it now densely populated -- will have a climate similar to today's Sahara, causing billions of people to leave.
There is no rain for five years and it is impossible to get a harvest. Hurricanes, storms, and volcanic eruptions, also caused by warming, are destroying entire islands.

In the first part of my project, an image of a mythical monster, a hydra with many heads, symbolizes immigrants, as they are sometimes perceived in society. We cannot say which country they are from, we only have an image of emaciated people. These creatures are frightening and disturbing. But these are also people, and it depends only on us to lend a helping hand to them, to accept and understand.